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1. What should I wear/bring?

Please wear sunscreen and a hat. Wear clothing that you feel comfortable moving and stretching in, and that you are okay with getting wet. Bathing suits and lycra yoga clothes work well. Bring a towel and water bottle for after class.

2. I’ve never done standup paddling or yoga – is this for me?

Yes! We endeavor to make everyone feel welcome to try SUP yoga. The only thing you need is an open mind. Guests should be comfortable in the water, as falling in is always a possibility, however, we will be in waist-deep water at all times. We strive to make everyone feel comfortable through differentiated instruction – offering variations and modifications for any ability level.

3. Is there a place to store valuables?

We will have a safe place to store your keys, wallet, or phone, but we are not responsible for any loss. Please avoid bringing unnecessary valuables to the beach and pool.

4. What about the weather?

Classes run rain or shine, however, in the event of unsafe conditions (heavy rain, high wind or lightning), class will be cancelled. We will notify you via email or phone 30 minutes prior to class in the event of a cancellation.

5. Where will we meet?

We will meet inside the swimming pool in Ounoyama Park, or the south of Shiozaki Beach. Look for the teal coloured S.U.P. or a white van in the car park.

6. Can I get some photos?

Absolutely! Our staff will have a waterproof camera/iPhone on the water, and will be snapping photos during the class. They can be emailed to you within 24 hrs or exchanged on LINE or Air drop.

7. How many people are in a class?

We have a maximum class size of 4 people. If a class is full, you may place your name on the wait list and we will contact you in the event of a cancellation.

8. Do you offer private or semi-private classes?

Yes we offer private classes. These classes, available upon request, will give you one-on-one attention and allow you to work on anything you want. If you are a beginner, it could be spending time learning the basics and building your confidence. If you are an intermediate or advanced SUP yogi, it may be taking time to break down a challenging posture you’ve been working on and wish to improve. Cost is ¥8,800.

If you would like to do a semi-private class with a partner or group of friends, or even for a birthday party or special event, please contact us for further information.

9. Can I sign up at the beach?

In order to ensure there is space for you in a class, please sign-up online at least 3 hours in advance. In the event that no one has signed up for a class, online booking will close 3 hours before the class.

10. Is it safe?

Yes! Safety is our top priority at all times. We pay close attention to the weather and only run classes if conditions are safe. All boards will be anchored during class so we don’t have to worry about floating away. Our classes take place less than 100 feet from shore, in water that is about waist-deep. We will have an extra staff member in the water or close by at all times!

11. How did you decide on the location?

Shiozaki Beach Park is an ideal location for SUP yoga. The water is generally calm and protected from wind and waves, and the sandy shore makes getting in and out of the water with the boards quite easy.

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